15 Best Mods In The Anniversary Edition Of Skyrim

Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition adds more than 70 approved mods to the base game. These 13 are the ones you should check out the most.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition celebrates ten years of one of the most famous and well-reviewed RPGs ever, as well as ten years of one of the most active and creative modding communities ever. So, it makes sense that Bethesda worked with a number of Skyrim mod makers to come up with the 26 new features that are part of the Anniversary Edition.

Even though the Anniversary Edition includes all of the mods that are currently available in the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Club, it also adds a number of mods that are completely new. Some mods are references to other games in the Elder Scrolls series, while others change everything about how players interact with the world of Skyrim.

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