Explaining Wikipedia Writing: Crafting Accurate Entries

The need for businesses to have a social media presence has been increasing every day. If your competitors are maintaining their social accounts and you are not, you are probably losing sales conversions to them, no matter what your product or service is. So, what should businesses do to ensure a solid media presence? Wikipedia! Yes, Wikipedia! We all know what it is, and we all use it too. As the 5th most visited website globally, people have viewed it billions of times this year. For most of us, Wikipedia resides on the web like a neighbor we see and interact with often.

Wikipedia aims to benefit its readers by containing information on all fields of knowledge. Its objective is to make knowledge accessible to everyone, irrespective of gender, class, religion, or something else. Wikipedia is a free, open-content encyclopedia created by a community of users through mutual efforts. It is maintained and promoted by volunteers who make, edit, and suggest articles.

Writing on Wikipedia entails following the guidelines and regulations of Wikipedia. It is vital to choose subjects that fit their standards.

A Wikipedia page for a business helps to attach credibility to the brand and its products and services. A Wikipedia page has many benefits, so let us look at “how do you get a Wikipedia page?”

Advantages of a Wikipedia page for your business

Considering Wikipedia as a channel for brand visibility, you would have wondered, “how do you get a Wikipedia page?” Having a Wikipedia page can be a crucial step in your quest to create an online presence for your business. Furthermore, individuals can also create a Wikipedia page for themselves.

The prominence of a Wikipedia page can be resourceful for entrepreneurs to attract traffic to their websites, resulting in potential leads. A Wikipedia page is one of the first pages a person would click on to learn more about something when they search online. Therefore, it is a well-known and popular website.

Below are some valid reasons to sign up your business today on Wikipedia.

Adds to credibility

One of the most significant reasons for your brand to have a Wikipedia page is the fact that it can help you get more exposure and maintain your online reputation. It helps to improve the credibility of your business in the competitive world.

Provides a complete guide for your business

People trust the information that they find on Wikipedia. You can provide your customers with enormous information about your products and services. Facts and essential details that people see about your business on Wikipedia will assure them of the reliability of your business.

Provides a medium to promote your brand

A Wikipedia page can help convince potential customers to buy from your brand. Your content should be engaging to compel the audience to try your products or services.

Tips to create accurate and noteworthy entries in Wikipedia

Writing on Wikipedia should be reliable and based on published sources. It should cover all kinds of views. Anyone can write on Wikipedia, but following their writing guidelines and choosing topics that fit their standards is crucial. Your topic should be “notable,” which means a subject covered elsewhere in proper detail. Additionally, your article should be verifiable with reliable sources. You should first decide what you want to write; we have covered you! The steps below will walk you through the whole process.

Things you should know before you start

  • Before you create a new article, you need to check if an article on the same topic already exists.
  • Evaluate whether your subject is notable for a Wikipedia article.
  • If you don’t want to commit to writing a complete article, you can submit an article proposal as a draft.
  • To write a new article entirely on your own, you need to create and confirm a Wikipedia account.
  • You need to ensure that your article does not violate any copyright laws.
  • Avoid any advertising in your article.
  • Write a requested article if you don’t have your own topic.

Following Wikipedia’s standards to organize your content

  • Although no hard and fast rules exist, most successful Wikipedia articles are structured. It would be best if you organized your articles starting with an introduction and then followed it with proper headings and subheadings.
  • You must make sure to keep your article to 50,000 characters or less.
  • Stick to Wikipedia’s traditional styles when you decide what to include. Successful Wikipedia articles use both a summary-style article as well as an inverted pyramid-style article.
  • There should be a lead section at the beginning that summarizes the article.
  • Keep the tone of your article formal because Wikipedia’s articles aim to inform its viewers and not convince them. Therefore, your tone must be impersonal.
  • Use Wikitext to create the formatting elements in your article.
  • Include precise information so that your readers can verify it.
  • Proofread your article for any spelling and grammatical mistakes.

How to get a Wikipedia page for your business

When you think, “how do you get a Wikipedia page?” remember that while you can create a Wikipedia page for your business, you should always be wary of the guidelines of Wikipedia. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to do for the task of how do you get a Wikipedia page is to refer to the policies of Wikipedia.

Below are some pointers on how do you get a Wikipedia page for your company.

  • Create a new account
  • Get yourself promoted to an auto-confirmed user
  • Make the page
  • Supply citations
  • Preserve and audit neutrality
  • Put forward the page for review
  • Maintain regular updates to the page

The best company pages displayed the following characteristics.

  • Adequate description of the company
  • Maintenance of a neutral point of view
  • Inclusion of notable sources
  • Mention of the company website link

Wikipedia Writing Companies in Canada

There are several options when looking for Wikipedia writing services in Canada. These companies have skilled personnel who are experienced in creating and editing Wikipedia pages. They are aware of the guidelines and regulations for writing on Wikipedia.


Operating out of Vancouver, Memoir is also one of the Wikipedia writing services in Canada that works with individuals across Canada to record and share life stories through Wiki pages and other mediums. They are dedicated to preserving memories and creating an enduring record of a life lived. Memoir’s writers and editors help bring your unique story to life on a wiki page for generations.


Based in Toronto, Anthropic is one of the Wikipedia writing services in Canada that specializes in creating wiki pages and other digital memorials. They take the time to conduct in-depth interviews to capture details about your life, values, experiences, and accomplishments. Anthropic crafts a wiki page in your own words, helping to build an authentic and meaningful legacy.

Life Stories

Based in Edmonton, Life Stories is another option for professional Wikipedia writing services in Canada that specializes in recording and sharing personal biographies. Life Stories helps individuals share their stories, values, and life lessons through professionally written and designed wiki pages. They aim to craft a meaningful legacy that will stand the test of time.

Wikipedia writing services in Canada can assist you with skilled and professional writing services for your Wikipedia page. This can result in increased visits to your page. For a business page, it would mean enhanced sales conversions.


There are a bunch of platforms that have their advantages. This leaves us with a question, “Why Wikipedia?” If you have pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, there is no reason to leave Wikipedia out. For many, Wikipedia has become an extensive encyclopedia for all kinds of knowledge, from random facts to information about our favorite TV shows. It is one of the best sources for high rankings on Google. Wikipedia has an average of more than 18 billion page views every month. Moreover, it is one of the world’s most substantial sources of knowledge. However, you must write notable content on Wikipedia as it is an essential aspect to bear in mind when writing on Wikipedia. Here you have it all! Follow our tips and make a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business right away and watch your revenue skyrocket.

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