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Conspiracy theorist James Bartolo statements Australian floods are ‘authorities local weather warfare assault’

Conspiracy theorists have claimed the floods devastating Australia’s east coast are element of a ‘authorities climate warfare assault’.

James Bartolo, a well-liked former Melbourne anti-lockdown activist and Covid denier, promoted the unusual, bogus clarification on his Fb web site web page.

‘The Gold Shoreline and surrounds is at current beneath a federal authorities climate warfare assault,’ he informed his army of devoted followers.

‘In the event you additionally know this, remark in your consciousness of unnatural temperature down beneath. The rather more individuals who find out about this bulls**t the higher.’

Mr Bartolo moved to the Gold Coast in November 2020 proper after he was billed with incitement for organising illegal protests by Melbourne’s lockdown.

The unsubstantiated statements have been spreading at a relating to cost on social media, with a whole bunch seemingly satisfied the doc rain in northern NSW and Queensland are a ‘synthetic’ phenomenon. 

A dangerous and bizarre conspiracy theory is circulating that the devastating floods which have torn through Australia's east coast are part of a 'government weather warfare attack'. Pictured: Local resident inspects floodwater in her street on March 31, 2022 in Lismore, NSW

A dangerous and unusual conspiracy idea is circulating that the devastating floods which have torn by Australia’s east coast are portion of a ‘authorities temperature warfare assault’. Pictured: Close by resident inspects floodwater in her street on March 31, 2022 in Lismore, NSW

Pictured: Debris from flood-damaged homes piles up in Lismore, NSW, Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Pictured: Particles from flood-destroyed properties piles up in Lismore, NSW, Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Conspiracy theorist James Bartolo (pictured) claims Australia's east coast are part of a 'government weather warfare attack'

Conspiracy theorist James Bartolo (pictured) claims Australia’s east coast are part of a ‘authorities temperature warfare assault’

Mr Bartolo, a earlier bodybuilder who statements to be an army veteran, additionally promotes quite a lot of different unhinged conspiracies together with that vaccines and 5G are weapons, the earth is flat, room is fake, the federal government is run by freemasons, and that the consuming water supply is staying poisoned. 

Lots of replied to his submit with opinions professing ‘the federal government’ was utilizing experimental know-how to have out ‘cloud seeding’ – a climate situations modification system that theoretically alters the microphysical level out of clouds, creating rain.

‘I’ve recognized for a few years they’ve been making use of this know-how!’ only one follower wrote.

A further further: ‘Completely nothing in any respect pure in regards to the rainfall within the earlier 5 months. It is noticeable when seen on the radar.’

‘Cloud seeding is changing into employed to enhance rainfall by corrupt governments to behave on mother nature. Yet one more weapon utilized to flood everybody,’ a 3rd wrote.

Pictured: Important elements of Lismore in NSW are completely underwater after report rainfall

Hundreds replied to the post with messages claiming 'the government' is using experimental technology to carry out 'cloud seeding'. Pictured: Homes inundated by floodwater in Lismore, NSW

Lots of replied to the put up with messages claiming ‘the federal government’ is utilizing experimental applied sciences to have out ‘cloud seeding’. Pictured: Properties inundated by floodwater in Lismore, NSW

James Bartolo (pictured) is a former bodybuilder who promotes a range of bizarre conspiracies

James Bartolo (pictured) is a earlier bodybuilder who promotes a array of unusual conspiracies


Experimental cloud seeding know-how does basically exist and has been utilised in locations like China and the UAE. 

The method features by taking photos microscopic particles of silver iodide into current clouds using land based generators or aircraft.

Silver iodide is an ice-forming agent, which triggers supercooled water droplets to freeze within the clouds.

The ‘ice embryos’ work together with the bordering h2o droplets, and in the end develop to snowflakes.

These fall to the ground as snow or raindrops, counting on the floor temperatures.

Cloud seeding may also, in some situations, convey in regards to the cloud to mature bigger sized and really final for an extended time than it could have devoid of the modification.

China is producing a temperature-modification method that goals to divert h2o vapour 1000’s of miles because of the sky and convey rainfall to the nation’s driest areas.

The United Arab Emirates is producing its private rain utilizing drones that fly into clouds and unleash electrical costs to beat the sweltering 122 ranges Fahrenheit (50 levels Celsius) heat. 

Mr Bartolo’s followers claimed plane leaving ‘chemtrails’ within the sky throughout NSW is how the cloud seeding method is changing into administered.

Only one shopper even claimed that planes about 1,200km absent from the epicenter of the floods could also be guilty.

‘I have been in Wagga Wagga for the final 4 days and the quantity of chemtrails within the sky above the Riverina area is over and above comprehension,’ the actual particular person commented.

Different people pointed to situations utilised in media protection as proof the floods had been being a part of an ‘assault’ and never pure.

‘It is extremely noticeable. The language they’re utilizing this type of as “rain bombs” is clear sufficient for me,’ a commenter defined.

The time period ‘rain bomb’ was coined by Daily Mail Australia in 2017 to explain sudden and intensive rainstorms, and has because of the reality been picked up by politicians and even the Bureau of Meteorology.

Conspiracy theorists claim the motive for 'elites' carrying out a 'weather attack', which have seen communities around Byron Bay and Lismore underwater is to move people into 'smart cities'. Pictured: Local residents wade through floodwater in Lismore, NSW

Conspiracy theorists assert the motive for ‘elites’ finishing up a ‘climate assault’, which have seen communities throughout Byron Bay and Lismore underwater is to maneuver folks as we speak into ‘sensible cities’. Pictured: Neighborhood folks wade via floodwater in Lismore, NSW

Conspiracy theorists declare the motive for ‘elites’ finishing up a ‘climate assault’, which submerged communities all-around Byron Bay and Lismore, was to maneuver of us into ‘sensible cities’.

‘Surprisingly, they’ve talked about cloud seeding and temperature manipulation on the mainstream media so it’s coming from quite a few assets now. Query is why?’ one wrote.

‘Shifting people into so-named ‘sensible cities’ is possible, I really feel, considering the Planet Monetary Discussion board overtly talks about these points.

‘May be the beginning out of the common primary earnings plan for the displaced victims of this tyranny?’

Pictured: Military vehicles move through Lismore, NSW, with much of town now underwater

Pictured: Armed forces motor autos switch by means of Lismore, NSW, with significantly of metropolis now underwater

James Bartolo (pictured) says the weather event is 'not natural' and created by the government

James Bartolo (pictured) says the local weather celebration is ‘not pure’ and created by the federal government

Bartolo’s go to Gold Shoreline arrived instantly after buying arrested in a spectacular police raid in Melbourne in September 2020. 

4 law enforcement officials knocked down the earlier bodybuilder’s door when he refused to open up it, professing they did not have authorisation to be on the home.

Bartolo was handcuffed on his lounge house flooring in a battle seconds proper after the legislation enforcement broke inside.

He was charged with incitement for allegedly encouraging his social media followers to go to an unlawful rally. 

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