Excellent Custom Pizza Boxes to Increase Your Order Value

Custom Pizza Boxes

Refine Packaging offers a full range of custom pizza boxes that meet your marketing goals. Choose from a variety of box styles and colors and add your logo or design.

Pizzas are one of the most popular foods in America. They are delicious, but they can also be messy. Using a quality Pizza Box helps you keep your pizzas clean and safe for the customer to enjoy.


Custom pizza boxes are an excellent choice for pizza businesses because they offer a unique customer experience and provide added protection for the food. They are also an effective marketing tool that can help you attract and retain customers.

Unlike traditional stock packaging, custom printed pizza boxes can feature your logo and design, which helps to raise brand awareness. Additionally, they are typically not discarded immediately, which means that they will be seen by countless people before reaching their final destination.

custom pizza boxes

When choosing a pizza box, you should consider the materials and size. Today’s customers place a premium on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Moreover, the pizza box should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a pizza and other toppings without falling apart or becoming damaged. This will ensure that the pizza arrives in a pristine condition at the customer’s home or office.

Corrugated Cardboard

Pizza boxes are made from a durable B flute corrugated material, and can be printed with your restaurant’s logo to create brand recognition. They also include a handle for easy transportation. They ship knocked down, but are simple to assemble and ready to use in minutes. These heavy-duty pizza boxes are also a great choice for transporting sandwiches, strombolis, and paninis.

A common misconception is that cheese and grease on pizza boxes will negatively impact recyclability, but according to the American Forest and Paper Association and paper mills that recycle corrugated, these contaminants are not a problem for recycling. The boxes can be included in residential recycling bins or mixed with commingled materials in the 65-gallon wheeled recycling carts.

Pizza purveyors have an opportunity to generate goodwill by reminding customers that they can recycle their pizza boxes. A simple “Corrugated Recycles” emblem on the box can capture the message that this is a win-win-win proposition: the restaurant gets free advertising, the industry gets raw materials back for making new products, and the customer wins by promoting positive action.


Personalized pizza boxes not only convey your brand’s message to your target audience, but they also keep your products safe and fresh during the delivery process. You can print the box with a catchy slogan or your logo, as well as add other valuable features, such as die-cutting and embossing.

You can also use a portion of the box to tell your restaurant’s story or provide a unique background behind your product. This will create a deeper connection with your customers and increase their affinity for your business. Many restaurants also use this space to support a cause that’s important to their community. For example, Pizza Guys, a chain with more than 60 West Coast locations, supports breast cancer awareness by including its logo on their pizza boxes.

Besides the obvious benefits, Custom Printed Pizza Boxes are recyclable in most municipalities, which will help your shop save on waste management costs. To maximize the effectiveness of your pizza packaging, choose a supplier that offers a variety of eco-friendly options. Look for food-grade materials and a history of working with the pizzeria industry.


Personalized pizza boxes are an effective way to promote your brand and build customer loyalty. Studies show that attractive packaging stimulates the reward-seeking parts of the brain, resulting in impulse purchases. They also keep your product safe while in transit. They can be printed with your logo or design and can include important information such as the ingredients, nutritional facts, and delivery details.

You can even use them to support a cause that is meaningful to your business or customers. For example, Pizza Guys included their logo on the box when they supported breast cancer awareness.

When choosing a printing company for your custom pizza boxes, look for one that uses environmentally friendly materials and inks. They should also offer various finishing options, including Gold/Silver Foiling, Die Cut Outs, Raised Ink, and Debossing or Embossing. These finishes can make your pizza box stand out from the competition and tell your story in a unique way.

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