Ferrari World Zones You Must Visit Once

Adventure parks are the major highlight of the tourist life of the UAE, and Ferrari World is on top of the list. It is one of the most adventurous and thrilling facilities for people of all age groups. Most importantly, the place is heaven on earth for Ferrari lovers.

Trying to explore everything after reaching the facility can make you lose your way and waste time. So, you must learn the details beforehand and plan your trip thoroughly. Do not forget to reserve your ticket in advance if you do not want to return without exploration.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to get your hands-on popular Ferrari World zones you must visit once and plan a family getaway for some quality time.

Top 5 Zones at Ferrari World Worth Visiting

Ferraris is the ultimate love of every other car lover. Ferrari World has been developed in honor of such people so they can visit it and enjoy their time, even if they have not got their hands on an actual Ferrari yet. The facility has multiple zones, which are equally worth your time and visit.

Here are the most attractive and engaging zones at Ferrari World worth a visit, so you must spare some time for it.

1. Family Zone

The family zone is the most popular and crowded zone at the Ferrari World you must visit it at least once. The zone is specifically designed for youngsters and ensures they can delve into all the experiences meant for adults but with a lot more safety.

The zone offers simulation experiences, interactive games, and an adventure play area to help little ones become action heroes. The zone includes miniature rides that maximize the safety of kids while not compromising on the thrill. However, the parents must consider the age limits as the experiences might be too much for toddlers. Parents often buy tickets online today and reserve spots in family zones for their younger ones and help them have a blast.

2. Racing Zone

The racing zone is the next notable zone at Ferrari World, which is equally engaging and exciting for everyone. As the name suggests, the zone has everything related to racing and has proper arrangements for youngsters and adults. Adults can experience the thrill of racing with a scaled-down F1 Ferrari racing car, while kids can adjust to the junior Grand Prix and Benno’s great race.

Apart from this, children can also explore Nello’s adventure land and junior training camp. Moreover, the racing zone also offers perfectly immersive simulation experiences, which are Viaggio in Italia and driving with the champion. The simulation experiences are equally suitable for kids and adults, so do not miss them.

3. Ferrari Store

Ferrari store is another exciting zone at Ferrari World, which you must visit at least once. The store has a vast collection of Ferrari-inspired accessories, jewelry, and fashion pieces. It also offers widely popular memorabilia. Most importantly, the store offers pieces of original Ferraris that you can take home and cherish for life.

The store is equally mesmerizing for kids and adults. However, parents still have to be a little more careful and cautious while taking their kids to the store. It is because they might not want to leave it or force you to buy every other thing they like. So, make sure to be prepared to deal with the situation and avoid being embarrassed.

4. Italian Zone

The Italian zone is one of the most outstanding zones at Ferrari World, which is definitely worth a visit. This zone is specifically designed and established to honor the birthplace and city of Ferrari, i.e., the town of Maranello. It offers insights into the Ferrari factory and allows the visitors to explore and enjoy the experience for deeper understanding.

The zone also offers rides like Flying Aces, mission Ferrari, speed of Magic, and games like RC Challenge and Motor Midway games. The visitors can also grab a bite at Mamma Rosella, which is an award-winning trattoria. You can also devour freshly cooked pizzas and pastas, which are equally appetizing for kids, too.

5. Adventure Zone

Adventure zone is the dangerously exciting zone at the Ferrari World you should never miss. The experiences in the zone are not for the faint-hearted; therefore, it is only available for adults. However, adults can be faint-hearted too, so explore the experiences at your own will only. The adventure zone offers a roller-coaster ride from the iconic roof to the highest point of Yas Island.

Turbo track and Scuderia challenge are the top highlights of the adventure zone. Besides this, teenagers and youngsters can delve into the tire-changing experience at the adventure zone to make their visit worthwhile. You can buy tickets online and head to the facility to explore and enjoy the available experiences to the fullest.

Are you excited about the Ferrari World visit?

Well, it can make anyone jump in their seat. The important point is to not forget advance booking amidst the excitement. Explore online platforms and grab your tickets online before heading to the facility.

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