How Much Does Pestie Cost?

Pestie is one of the most popular and trusted brands for pest control services. Many homeowners and business owners turn to Pestie when they need effective solutions for eliminating pest infestations. But how much does it actually cost to use Pestie’s services? The pricing can vary quite a bit based on several key factors. This article provides an overview of Pestie’s pricing for both residential and commercial customers.

What is Pestie?

Pestie is a nationwide pest control company that provides treatment and prevention services for all types of pests including insects, rodents, wildlife, and more. They offer customized plans for both home and business owners that involve thoroughly inspecting the property, identifying the pests, and using targeted methods to eliminate them. Their trained exterminators are experts at safely removing pest infestations.

Pestie uses a combination of mechanical, physical, chemical and biological control methods to eradicate pests. Their services are designed to be minimally invasive and safe for people, pets and the environment. The company has a reputation for excellent customer service and provides guaranteed results.

The Cost of Pestie for Individuals

For residential customers, pestie coupon code offers both one-time treatments and ongoing pest control plans. One-time treatments typically start at around $100 to $200 depending on the type of pests and size of the home. For ongoing protection and prevention, they offer monthly, quarterly or annual plans.

On average, a basic monthly pest control plan from Pestie costs $30 to $80 per month. Quarterly plans range from $90 to $240 per quarter, while annual plans are $300 to $800 per year on average. These plans can be customized with add-ons to meet specific needs. Add-ons like termite treatments, bed bug elimination or wildlife removal will raise the price.

The Cost of Pestie for Businesses

For commercial pest control, the average cost is $50 to $150 monthly for basic coverage. The price can go up considerably though based on square footage, type of business, pest risks and services needed. Restaurants, food production facilities, hotels and healthcare organizations often require more intensive pest management which is reflected in higher monthly pricing.

Some business owners opt for quarterly treatments that have an average price range of $200 to $500 per quarter. Annual pest control contracts for businesses can cost between $500 to $2,000+ per year. The price is tailored to the unique requirements of the business.

Factors That Influence Pestie Pricing

There are several factors that go into determining the cost of Pestie’s pest control services for a specific property:

Type of Pests Being Treated

Treating a cockroach or ant infestation is simpler and more affordable than eliminating termites, bed bugs or wildlife intrusions. The specialized products and treatments required for certain pests raise prices.

Extent of the Infestation

A minor mouse problem costs less to treat than a heavy rodent infestation. The extent and severity of the pest issue impacts labor time and materials needed.

Size of the Property

Larger homes and commercial spaces require more product and time to inspect and treat, which is reflected in higher service fees.

Frequency of Treatment

As mentioned above, monthly, quarterly and annual service plans have differing prices. More frequent treatments prevent re-infestations but cost more.

Ways to Save on Pest Control with Pestie

Here are some tips to get quality pest management services from Pestie at a lower price:

Bundled Services

You can save by bundling different treatments, like adding rodent control to an insect extermination plan.

Annual Contracts

Annual service contracts come with discounted rates compared to monthly visits.

DIY Pestie Products

For minor issues, Pestie offers DIY treatment kits customers can apply themselves at a low cost.

A Closer Look at Pestie’s Residential Pricing

To understand Pestie’s residential pricing, let’s take a look at some real-world examples:

  • For a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath home that needs monthly treatments for ants and spiders, the cost would likely be around $40 per month. For a larger 4 bedroom suburban home with an occasional mouse problem, quarterly preventative treatments might cost approximately $150 per quarter.
  • A luxury 5,000 square foot home with a significant rodent issue could pay an estimated $200 per month for intensive treatments. A recurring bed bug problem in a 2 bedroom apartment may have a monthly cost of $100-150 for chemical spraying and heat treatments.
  • These examples illustrate how the price can rise based on home size, pest type, and severity of the infestation. Homeowners can get quotes adjusted to their specific situation.

A Closer Look at Pestie’s Commercial Pricing

Commercial pricing is also variable. A small cafe may pay $75 monthly for basic pest prevention. A fast food restaurant likely requires more intensive kitchen and exterior treatments at around $150-200 per month.

Hotels often pay over $500 per month to protect against pests in rooms, lobbies, eateries and other public spaces. Assisted living facilities that require rigorous preventative treatments could pay $1,000 or more each month for comprehensive care.

Warehouses, offices, retail spaces and other businesses have unique needs that alter the pricing. Facility managers can get quotes specific to their building size, location, pest risks and services required.

Adding Value through Prevention and Testing

Pestie focuses on prevention as the best long-term solution. They perform thorough inspections and identify conditions attracting pests, such as standing water, cracks, clutter and food debris. Then they correct those issues and implement preventative measures like sealing openings, improved sanitation practices, and installing traps.

For commercial clients like restaurants and hotels, Pestie conducts frequent monitoring and swab testing to detect pests and prohibited levels of contamination. This kind of proactive prevention adds value and reduces the need for extensive treatments down the road.

The Cost of DIY vs Professional Pest Control

While DIY products from Pestie provide an affordable option for minor pest problems, they are often inadequate for eliminating large-scale infestations. The investment in professional treatments typically pays off by getting rid of pests more thoroughly and preventing recurring issues.

DIY solutions require the customer to correctly identify the pest and use the right products. Without addressing factors attracting pests to the property, DIY treatments only offer temporary relief in many cases. Professional exterminators have the knowledge, products and equipment to fully eliminate pests and give long-term solutions.

Partnerships That Help Reduce Costs for Customers

Pestie partners with several organizations to reduce costs for customers. They are part of group buying programs with AARP and Angie’s List that provide members discounted pricing. Pestie also works with property management companies to offer reduced rates for community-wide treatments in HOAs, apartments and condos.

For low-income families struggling with pest issues, Pestie partners with charitable foundations to provide treatments at no cost. They also support veterans through partnerships that offer them significant discounts. These partnerships make professional pest control more accessible and affordable.

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