How to Configure Netgear Nighthawk Router Via App?

Netgear nighthawk router is a part of the technology that provides internet

Netgear nighthawk router is a part of the technology that provides internet services to internet devices from a single network in your home. Setting up a new Nighthawk router is an easy and smooth process. You can set up a WiFi router in no time. Logging into the Netgear Nighthawk is a segment of the setup. You can log in to the web interface using your desktop or computer. But, there is another way as well to access and configure the router settings, using an application from your phone. In this article, you will gather information about, how you can log in to the web interface of the router via the Nighthawk app.

How to Use Nighthawk App for Router Setup?

To access the login interface of the router from your smartphone or iPhone, you have to download the Nighthawk app on your phone. Follow these simple steps down here to install the application and log in to the router.

Step 1: At first, you have to establish the WiFi connection between your internet device and the Netgear router network.
Step 2: Open or launch the Play Store application in your smartphone or app store, if you are using iPhone.
Step 3: Just tap on the search bar and type Nighthawk app into it and tap search.
Step 4: Taping the search icon will take you to the app downloading page, where you will see the app description.
Step 5: Go through the app description. You will see the information and instructions related to the app. Also, the latest version updates and bug fix updates.
Step 6: After reading the description, download the app and install it on your device.
Step 7: Open the application. The app will take you to the login page of the router.
Step 8: Here, you have to type in your user details, such as username and password. Use the default user manual that comes with the Netgear Nighthawk router. Typically, the username is admin and the password is password.
Step 9: After taping next, you will reach the dashboard of the web interface of the router.
Now, you can configure the default settings and change the password of the router. You can see how easily you can log in to the interface of the router using the Nighthawk app.

Login Via URL and IP Address

You can log in using the URL and IP address from your computer or desktop as well. Just follow some paragraphs written below to access the login web interface of the WiFi.

Connect the desktop to Router

Firstly, you have to establish a wireless or wired connection between the computer and the Nighthawk router. To connect, please use WiFi or Ethernet cable. Then start your computer and open the internet browser.

Log in to the Router

Use any Web browser. Click on the address bar and type the login URL, the URL is, if the login URL is not working then, use IP address This will take you to the Interface of the router where you will be asked to type the user details like username and password. Simply, type the username and the password and press Enter key.

Configure the Router

After, pressing the Enter key, you will reach the home page of the router’s web interface. Now, you can change the password by answering simple questions. Also, you can configure the settings and network of the router.

As you can read, how easily you can do Netgear nighthawk router login using URL and IP address.


In the above paragraphs, you have explored how to log in via Nighthawk application from your phone. Also, how you can log in using the login URL and IP address via your computer. We all know, it’s important to know the whole setup process of Netgear Nighthawk WiFi. One of the major steps of the setup process is accessing the interface of the router. So, you must follow the above instructions carefully.

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