3 Types of Customer Service to Implement

Customers are the key reason for the success or failure of any company. In simple words, customers need quality customer service solutions, if you want to gain their loyalty toward your business.

The customer service industry is vast, and there are various types of customer service practices that a company implements. With the ever-growing internet advancement, companies have started offering chat support through live agents and chatbots.

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As a business owner, your number one priority should be to keep your customers happy and satisfied. This doesn’t just come in the form of offering the best products and discounts. Instead, you need to ensure that if your customer comes across any problem, they can rely on your customer service.

That is why, in this article, we will be sharing the three types of customer service you should implement for your business. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

FAQs Section

You must have noticed how most companies and websites have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. The FAQs section is created so that your customer service department does not have to waste time answering the same question on repeat.

FAQs are very important, because it not only saves your employees time, by the customer as well. You should add questions that you know most confused customers are likely to ask. Customers refer to FAQs halfway through making a purchase or if they encounter a small inconvenience with their purchase.

When you have a dedicated page for FAQs, you will be addressing commonly asked questions that most customers call or email about. Moreover, even customer service staff can guide the customer towards the FAQs page if they know it’s something that can be solved on their own.

Therefore, if you don’t have a FAQs page on your company’s website, it’s high time that you create one, especially if you want your staff to resolve more complex problems in a shorter period of time.

Live Chat

Live chat is yet another must-have customer service tool for both your customers and staff. As we shared earlier, live chat comes in two forms – live agents and chatbots. Chatbots are AI-powered, they have the capability to communicate over a messaging tool with your customers.

Chatbots allow human customer service agents to focus elsewhere, rather than communicating with a customer who has basic questions that even the FAQs page might have the answers to. When you want to help your customers, you have to look at the many means you have.

Chatbots ensure that customers are not kept waiting and that their issues are resolved in a timelier manner. Moreover, it will also allow your live agents to attend to other customers, who might need more assistance, something the chatbot might not be able to provide.

Live agents are highly productive with the help of chatbots, as they no longer have to deal with all the customers on their own. Live agents also ensure that customer complaints are moved in a more efficient manner to the various departments.


Last but not least, email is a great customer service tool as well. Do you feel email is a rather impersonal way of offering customer service? Well, we beg to differ.

Email is an efficient way to deliver excellent customer service and to ensure customers that they will receive a solution to their problems. Not all companies offer 24/7 live chat support. This is where email comes in handy for customers and staff members.

If a customer is unable to access live chat, for any possible reason, they can always email your customer service and share their concerns. It is inconvenient and unfair to ask your customer service agents to stay alert about any customers appreciating them on live chat after work hours.

You can just drop the customer a quick email, an automated email that informs them that you have received their complaint or request. Moreover, emails can be stored, and used in case a customer is acting unreasonably or makes an unjust complaint against your staff.

All in All

There are many tools and practices you can implement for your customer service department. However, we have shared the best of the three. That said, you need to ensure that no matter which practice you decide to implement, it will be something that your customer will rely on and keep using.

An efficient customer service will determine how successful your business becomes in the future. Hence, the importance of implementing the right customer service.

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