Choosing the Right LED Light Module Company 


LED light modules are advanced lighting systems that are designed and developed to offer the ultimate in functionality, versatility, and design.


LED light modules, or sometimes LED panels, are devices that incorporate one or more LEDs affixed to circuit boards for the purpose of emitting light. The LEDs can be arranged in different form and in different densities that will allow the bulb to output in different levels of light and beam pattern. Key benefits of LED Module Wholesale compared to other light sources include:Key benefits of LED light modules compared to other light sources include:


– Energy conservation –LEDs are able to produce light by the utilization of over 80% of the energy that is supplied while incandescent bulbs only use between 10-20% of the energy for lighting. This goes a long way in cutting expenses for the electricity bills.


– High reliability – Test have shown that it is possible to run an LED at room temperature for 50,000+ hours before the output reduces to 70% of the initial brightness, which is considerably longer than any other technology. The reduced frequency of replacement of wear and tear components leads to lower maintenance costs. 


– Reliability – Unlike filament based bulbs or even those that use glass laminates, LED modules are solid pieces that can handle vibrations and impacts. Making them suitable for rough environment and mobile uses.


– Control possibilities – With the LED modules, it is possible to connect with different kinds of control systems which facilitate dimming, color setting, time setting, and control. This enhances functionality and lighting since it directs light towards the intended places and hides unattractive features.


Why Purchase Source LED Light Modules That Are in Wholesalers?

Purchasing LED modules directly from wholesale distributors offers buyers several advantages:Purchasing LED modules directly from wholesale distributors offers buyers several advantages: 


Lower per Unit Costs

Bundling allows customers to purchase LED products in bulk, avoiding numerous middlemen and achieving significant discounts – sometimes as much as 40% and above of the usual retail prices. This creates significant ‘payback’, releasing capital for other investment, renewals or developments.


Customization Capabilities  

LED wholesalers have direct access to raw materials or component stocks of manufacturers and manufacturers lines. This enables us to design LED modules to fit buyers’ specific luminance, dimensions, shape, color temperature and mounting requirements at low per-piece cost.


High Inventory Availability 

Distantly, they do not function as individual manufacturers of LED lighting products but as large wholesalers who deal with various brands and usually have large stocks ready for shipment. This facilitates the acquisition of substantial quantities of LED modules within short periods that are required in the realization of rollout schedules.  


Convenient One-Stop Sourcing

It also saves on time when one can get all the LED lighting products that they require from a single wholesaler instead of having to contact many suppliers. Sourcing simplifies the buying process for the buyer by reducing the number of suppliers needed while increasing buying power through the use of quantity.   


Several factors need to be considered while looking for a reliable LED module wholesaler.

To maximize satisfaction and returns when buying wholesale LED modules, research potential suppliers for:To maximize satisfaction and returns when buying wholesale LED modules, research potential suppliers for:


Product Range 

The second reason of carving for a wholesaler that supplies number of foremost global LED lighting manufacturers, is that it offers the largest range of modules meeting different application requirements.  


Technical Support 

There should be supplier staff who have adequate knowledge on application needs, the best solution to use in the LED and initial and follow up consultation before and after the purchase.


Quality Inspection Testing  

A reliable wholesaler will inspect LED modules from the manufacturing partners and conduct a trial run on the modules to ensure that they are manufacturing free from defects and that they have a consistent performance when delivered to the buyers.  



First, reliable suppliers always offer their support to the products they sell. Choose an LED wholesaler that provides at least 5-year warranties to ensure protective measures in regard to lighting equipment. 


 Rapid Fulfilment Services

Domestic warehouses and logistics providers with simple shipping terms and options and the ability to accommodate large orders for LED modules are capable of delivering LED modules in compliance with project deployment timelines.


FCB LED Light Modules cut costs by up to 75% on purchases of bulk LED Light Modules.  


As a leading distributor of LED lighting products in North America we rely on high volume orders and long-term partnerships with manufacturers to negotiate competitive prices for wholesale module orders. The regular prices of LED products are about 40% cheaper than each list price when purchasing LEDs in bulk from our domestic stock.   


We encourage organizations that require or have a recurrent LED module requirement to get in touch with our lighting specialists for a custom price estimate of our bulk discounts applied on the various luminaires. We also provide custom manufacturing solutions to build precise modules for specific technical needs in weeks with our one-off per-unit costs. 


Quick transport from our strategic depot, which is located in the middle of the country, accepting flexible payment terms for large orders, and all modality varieties enjoying an industry benchmark of 7 years warranty, we ensure large-scale LED lighting projects are on schedule and do not break the budget.


Contact us today to benefit from special offer on wholesale LED module at low prices and services to increase energy efficiency and improve profit margins or product quality.

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