List of Best Data Science Masters Programs Online- In A Nutshell

Industries are adapting to the vast usage of data science technologies. These technologies make the company’s operations simplified and help in major decision-making. They possess an appropriate skill set to gather and analyze the generated data sets, taking meaningful insights from them. Their invaluable contribution makes a great contribution to the company’s monetary gains. Individuals who are already working professionals, planning a career transformation into data science looking for a switch, and want to start their career in data science, should consider this program.

The data science masters in Bangalore help individuals achieve this. This article tells you how a master’s degree in data science can boost your career more than another field.

1.   Great Lakes Institute of Management

The best program here is Postgraduate in Data Science and Engineering. It is mainly curated for aspirants who are freshers or in the early phase of their careers. They offer an online mode of learning in combination with weekend classes.

The duration of the curriculum is 12 months and consists of topics such as machine learning, statistics, data visualization, big data analysis, and so on.

It also includes capstone and real-world projects as a part of their practice curriculum. Learners are also guided to proper job opportunities and interview support via a dedicated placement cell. The entire curriculum is custom-designed for working pros with all the industrial practices.

2.   UpGrad

Upgrad offers M.Sc. in data science. The course is associated with IIIT-Bangalore. This program is highly recognized for its structured curriculum and flexibility. It covers all the essential topics of data science starting from fundamentals to advanced concepts.


The components of learning are data visualization, machine learning, business analytics, and deep learning. Thus, it needs more time to complete the coursework i.e. nearly 20 to 24 months. The mode of teaching is fully online. They provide a single capstone and several industry projects for hands-on training.


At the end of the program, certification is offered by IIIT-Bangalore. They guide learners through expert faculties and this curriculum exposes learners to the pool of alumni of IIIT-Bangalore.

3.   Simplilearn

Simplilearn in partnership with Purdue University offers a master’s in data science. It combines balanced learning of academics and practicals. They provide joint certification post-course completion. Both online and self-paced learning are available, you can opt between these two based on your preference.

It is a 12-month program and encloses modules like machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization.

The hands-on project extensively trains learners and makes them adapt to real-world challenges. The best feature of the program is that the certification is globally recognized and provides job assistance services.

4.   Learnbay

Learnbay’s master’s in computer science (data science and AI) is comprehensive coursework. Woolf University is the collaborator and gives certification for the master’s degree program.

The core components of this program are data science, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. For completing each module, ECTS credits are employed to assess your learning. This credit system validates your skill sets globally.

Through assured job assistance, learners get to practice mock tests, prepare for interviews, unlimited interview calls, and resume and LinkedIn profile reviews.

It also has a domain specialization option that enables you to learn industry-based data science like healthcare, marketing, and manufacturing. The tools and technologies taught in this coursework have industry relevance and thus learners easily adapt to industrial functioning after joining the organization.

The course cost is designed competitively and has the option of paying in no-cost EMIs.

5.   Jigsaw Academy

It gives a post-graduate diploma in data science with experienced faculty and an industry-level syllabus. The learning mode is online along with the option of personalized bootcamps.

Like other programs, it has data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization topics in the syllabus. They are highly focused on their placement assistance and target learners to successfully get a job after the post-graduate diploma.

This is 12 months program. It is an industry-recognized curriculum, that gives projects for hands-on training and boot camps for detailed understanding of the subject.

6.   Coursera

Their data science master’s program is a type of certification. The course collaborator is the University of Illinois. The time taken to complete the program is approximately 12-18 months and furnishes fully online live sessions and self-paced learning.

The credits given in this program are fully transferable to the University of Illinois, in case you want to pursue a full-fledged master’s degree.

Conclusion of (Data Science)

These institutes provide the best data science masters programs online. The master’s program is suitable for both experienced professionals wanting to undergo domain specializations and fresh graduates trying to build a career in this sector. The diverse institution offers a variety of learning modes starting from online, live sessions, boot camps, self-paced, etc. Enroll in the best institutes to get the right learning.

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