Reasons why an International School is a Great Academic Choice for Your Child

Today, the education sector has evolved and is blended with modern and digital technologies to boost the child’s learning process. The highlight is on stress-free and seamless training that pushes the students to learn enjoyably. 

The Global Indian International School in Dubai has been created keeping the new learning ecosystem in mind and offers holistic development to the children. Here are some points that make us the best school in the town. 

1.  Flexible learning tools to help children grow

At Global Indian International School, the focus is on providing children with an opportunity through which they can grow, innovate and learn various things. They also integrate artificial intelligence that assists teachers and young students in speeding up their teaching and learning journey.

2.  Global Indian International School follows the 9 GEMS method to teach the kids

When it comes to education in Dubai, parents often seek the best opportunities for their children. If you’re looking for top-notch international schools in Dubai, consider the five best international schools in Dubai. These schools follow an innovative and award-winning 9 GEMS approach for holistic education of the kids. The aim is to augment entrepreneurial, leadership, and sports skills without compromising universal values. 

3. Well-designed Curriculum

The curriculum is exceptionally designed and is future-oriented. It offers students varied choices, thus making them future-ready. The assessments are skill-based, and while teaching the core subjects, the school tries to imbibe problem-solving abilities among them. The aim is not to make the students academically fit, but through the curriculum, they try to enrich them with knowledge. 

4. The environment is conducive for every child to grow 

The school syllabus and assessments are created to help every child blossom into a motivated, confident, and resilient adult. The school offers a quality education at very low fees. 

5. Dedicated teachers and certified facilitators

The facilitators at the school are backed by decades of experience and have undergone methodological training to become proficient in their field and provide the students with the best learning experience. 

6. Student-centric environment

The school always maintains a healthy teacher and student ratio in the class to ensure every student gets attention. With collaboration and creativity as their ideals, the school is set to redefine the learning process innovatively.

7. The school fees in Dubai are very less

The school fees in Dubai are soaring at a rapid rate, thanks to inflation and an unstable environment. Hence, the parents think twice before enrolling their kids in an International school. But what makes GIIS a one-of-a-kind school is they don’t believe in charging high fees. The fees are affordable, and they offer scholarships for deserving children. 

Bottom Line

Setting the bars high, Global Indian International School is one of the best International schools that provide education to the kids in a healthy learning environment. 

To sum it up, the GIIS school fee in Dubai is low. They don’t believe in the rote learning approach and the school strives to provide a student-centric experience driven by thought leadership and innovation. 

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