Top 10 Free Movie Download Apps For iPhone 2023

Many people watch movies online due to their busy life. They use Google TV, Google Play Movies and TVs, third-party movie streaming apps, etc. Here we mainly focus on how to download movies by using movie-downloading apps. What are the best 10 free movie download apps for Phones? If you wish to use high-quality movie streaming apps, these are the best movie streaming apps in the online market. They are,

  1. Kodi
  2. YouTube Red app
  3. Netflix
  4. Showbox
  5. Bobby Movie app
  6. ZiniTevi
  7. Yidio movie app
  8. Snagfilms
  9. Cinema Box movie streaming app
  10. Megabox

All those movie streaming apps help download your favorite movies on iPhones easily. Now let’s see more details about the above-mentioned movie streaming app. Here we go;


It is a free and open sources media player which allows you to download movies on iPhone easily. The movie app can only make its way to jailbroken iPhones with the tool Cydia Impactor. Likewise, it comes with a friendly interface and a powerful skinning engine. Also, the software works on Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, and iPhones. Hence, you don’t need various movie-downloading apps for each device.

YouTube Red App

The YouTube Red App gives most user-generated content ranging from 720p to 1080p HD quality movies. Likewise, it confirms the two versions. They are YouTube Red and plain YouTube App. The former comes with functions such as offline watching function. However, you must pay a $ 9.99 monthly subscription fee for the YouTube Red movie-downloading app.


Netflix is one of the movie-streaming apps for iPhones. It comes with a wide range of movies and TV series. As well as it consists of high-quality original movies. However, it the is most expensive on-demand streaming service. Netflix holds a user-friendly interface and is simple to use. With the premium Netflix plan, you can watch Ultra-HD quality movies. Likewise, you can watch the latest, old movies in a variety of genres such as animation, action, comedy, horror, crime, romance, and other shows. Netflix is an on-demand service. It doesn’t provide live TV channels. However, you can find bridge-worthy sports series and movies.


The Showbox is one of the best movie streaming apps for iPhones. It fulfills with lots of advanced features, including the highest content updating frequency. Likewise, you can download your favorite movies with one click by using Showbox. Also, it provides more resources at up to 1080p standard. As well as you have the ability to select the resolution as you wish. The Showbox app is a free solution to download movies for iPhones.

Bobby Movie App

If you want to watch TV series, movies, trailers, and events, the BobbyMovie App is one of the best places. Likewise, it allows you to watch movies in different language options. As well as it provides subtitles in up to 255+ languages. If you are a Chromecast user, you can mirror Bobby Movie App content from iPhone to HDTV. Also, the movie streaming app will help you to download old movies as well as the latest ones.

ZiniTevi Download

It is also the best movie streaming app that allows you to watch movies, trailers, and TV series for free. It supports a variety of devices, including Android TV, iOS, Smart TV, Wi-Fi-sharing, Roku, and Chromecast. Likewise, it helps to watch movies or TV shows online or offline mode. Also, you have the ability to enjoy content in HD and FHD formats. As well as it adds subtitles to movies, save the film for history, etc.

You can install it for iOS without jailbreak access and for Android without root access. Hence, I recommend using ZiniTevi to download your favorite movies for iPhones. Here is the step guide to download it.

  • Navigate to the ZiniTevi download from your Safari browser
  • Click the “Download” and then tap iSO download
  • To install the movie-downloading app, tap the “ install” icon
  • Continue with “ Allow” during the installation
  • Wait for the completion of the installation
  • Then you can see the movie app icon on your home screen
  • Then go to Settings> General> Profiles and Device Management
  • Now find the profile of the movie-downloading app
  • Tap on “Trust”
  • Then download your favorite movies by using it.

Yidio movie app

The Tidi works like a search engine for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. It is a legit movie streaming platform. Likewise, Yidio comes with a free section that allows you to watch movies for free. You can watch horror, animation, fantasy, comedy, action, romantic, science fiction, and other movies by using Yidio.


It is the best movie app for classical movies than the Blockbusters. It helps to watch “Award Winning” movies easily. When you install the movie app with DearMob iPhone Manager, you can see the “Award Winner” movie list icon on the left-hand menu. Likewise, the software consists of more than 300 indie films and brought the best films from its online library to iPhones.

Cinema Box movie streaming app

The Cinema Box app allows you to stream movies and TV shows to Apple TV for free. The movie app is the best option for iPhone users with an Apple TV. It comes with a massive collection of the latest movies as well as old movies. Likewise, it is the best online movie streaming app that comes with high-quality movies. Also, it doesn’t require rooting your devices for downloading it.

Megabox app

The Megabox is a free movie app for iPhones for watching HD quality movies easily. It offers the best options, such as rating, updating, popular, and new movies. Most movies and TV shows come in 360p to 720p under the Megabox movie app. Likewise, it suggests downloading the 360p version of the movie from the app for iPhone to save space for offline viewers.


Here we provide the top 10 free movie download apps for iPhone. You can watch old movies as well as the latest ones in high resolution. All of them allow you to download your favorite movies for free. If you get more information about movie streaming apps, share it with your friends. Now you can try them.

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